Write my Essay in APA Format

This article is meant to take you through a step-by-step guide where you will learn how to write an essay in APA format for academic assignments, such as term papers, research proposals, and dissertations in the field of psychology. Before that, you need to understand what APA format is and how to use it in your projects. If it is your first time writing this format, you will find it very different from the other writing format types. It might take you time to learn and master before you become a pro thoroughly.

However, a journey of one thousand miles begins with one step, so take your first step today to becoming a pro writing using the APA format. Learning how to write using the APA format is a creative skill that will serve you in various disciplines along your educational journey.

What is APA Format?

APA format is also called American Psychological Association, is the official writing style used when citing various sources used in psychology, education, and the social sciences. This format is essential in psychology and related disciplines because it enables students and researchers to communicate using the same form.

Students who don’t take psychology or social sciences class, then the chances are that they have never used the APA format to write their academic projects. Sometimes, it might come as a rude shock to be introduced to the new writing format after spending years dealing with other MLA and Chicago style styles.

It can be hard to smooth the transition from one writing format to another, especially if you have different classes that teach other writing forms. To help you master the APA format, today, we shall focus on the critical sections to take note of while writing using the APA format and APA format on a Word document.

Features of Good Academic Papers.

→Title Page

When writing various academic projects and assignments, you must have the Title page, which paper’s title, the author’s name, and the institution as the essential details. After that, you can include the supervisor’s name, date of submission, and course number. The purpose of the Title page is to inform the reader what your paper is about and the writer. Never forget the title and your name.


An abstract is meant to sum up your paper’s essential details and give detailed information about it. According to the APA format, it comes immediately after the title page; it should have at least 100 words up to a maximum of 200 words. However, some publications or supervisors give out different instructions that might change the number of words you write on your abstract.

→Main Body

Based on the type of paper you are writing, the main body can vary slightly. For example, it is an essay; the entire vital points discussed are regarded as the body and writing in different paragraphs until you exhaust all the subtopics. For projects such as the lab reports, the main body is divided into different categories to include sections such as the methods, the results, and the discussion.

How does APA Format work?

When using APA format to write your academic papers, it is essential to note the following two key details to avoid penalties.

While using the in-text citations, the authors’ name and publication date are the two fundamentals you must incorporate while citing the sources from which your information. Later on, you must include citations on the reference page.

How to properly handle in-text citations

In the text, citations refer to the process where you cite the source of your findings while writing your academic papers. Different types of writing styles require different citation types, but for APA format, you must first mention the author followed by the year of publication. The two aspects are very critical, so make sure you maintain the structure without interchanging any details.


The reference section includes all the sources you used to develop the information written in your academic project. The data source you mentioned in your paper needs to be appropriately cited in the reference section using the APA Format. An important concept to remember is to cite all the sources mentioned in your paper, and all the sources that appear in the reference section must be in the form.

When should I cite a source in APA Format?

While writing your paper, you are required to cite the source of your information anytime you quote, paraphrase, or summarizing information from a different start, such as books, journals, website articles, or academic journals. You can cite a source; the first one is by mentioning the author’s last name rather than the publication date. The second one is by noting the author’s name and publication date in the same sentence without parenthesis.

How to Write my Essay in APA Format

When writing your paper using Microsoft Word, follow the following steps to format your document into the APA format.

Write my Essay in APA Format

  • Within the Microsoft Word document, click on the insert tab at the page’s left top section.
  • Scroll on the left side of your Word document and click on the page number icon to open all the options.
  • Among the options, select the top of the page and the direct number 3 option.
  • Navigate back to the text area of your Microsoft document.

Once done, the next step is to make the title page content according to the APA format style.

  1. On the title page, which is the first page of your document, hit the enter button three times until the cursor is in the middle of the page.
  2. You can use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + E) to position the cursor in the middle of the page and add your paper’s title. Make sure the title is in bold.
  3. Upon completion, hit the enter key on your keyboard and start writing the rest of your information following a horizontal line detail after detail in the following order:
  • Your name
  • The name of your institution
  • Your course details
  • The names of your instructor
  • The date of submission

Write my Essay in APA Format

When you are done, highlight the written text using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL +A) and double space (CTRL+2).

APA Format Font Style and Size

APA Format allows various font styles and sizes, but the universally used Font is Times New Romans customized at size 12.

  • To set this, highlight all the text in your Word document, then navigate to the home tab and select Times New Roman size 12


Double-spacing refers to the amount of space you create between your words and lines in a Word document. APA format requires students to maintain double-spacing between their words and sentences; therefore, here are quick and easy steps to create the spaces in your form.

  • Select the entire document or the paragraph you need to double-space using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+A).
  • Once done, navigate to the home tab and choose the line and paragraph spacing icon, then select 2.0
  • As simple as that, and you are done.

Creating Margins using the APA Format

While using the APA Format, students are expected to maintain the 1-inch margin throughout the Word document. Follow the following procedure to adjust your margin:

  • Go to the upper part of your Word document and click on the page layout tab.
  • Move your cursor and click on the margins icon.
  • Once you have the options displayed, click on the normal one. It is the type of margin required for the APA Format writing style.

That is all you need to know about the APA Format and how to use it on your papers. It takes dedication and practice to master the entire concept, a limiting factor to many students. So, what next when required to write an essay using the APA format, and you don’t have the time?

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