Argumentative Essay Writing

An argumentative essay refers to a piece of writing that takes a stance on an issue. To write an excellent argumentative essay, writers try as much as they can to convince the readers to take their side of the topic. To persuade the readers, the writers provide their point of view to support it by providing facts that back it up. The primary aim of an argumentative essay is to give the author’s opinion about a topic. Argumentative essay writing is part of the common assignments in high school and colleges tested in disciplines such as science, technology, politics, and in some cases, health care.

Outline of an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays require an easy structure to follow so that readers can understand the writer’s point of view. There is a popularly outlined structure that every argumentative essay must follow.

The outline is meant to create a straightforward structure that clearly shows the authors’ views, reasoning, and evidence in a carefully coordinated manner. Therefore, students writing an argumentative essay must follow the structure in order to get good grades. However, different departments might have different guidelines but in the long run,  a good argumentative essay should have the following features.


The introduction forms the first paragraph of an argumentative essay. It is meant to provide and clearly state the topic and the background information that tells the reader what the argument is all about. In the introduction, the writer is expected to outline the evidence that backs up their side of the argument then state the thesis statement. The introduction is compulsory regardless of the field of study and this means that students should learn the essentials of writing a good intro.

The introduction carries the weight of the essay paper by providing a summary of what readers should expect. If you make it catchy, then you stand the chance of capturing your readers’ attention.

Argumentative Essay Writing

→The Thesis statement

The thesis statement is part of the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement is usually one or two sentences giving concise information about the topic of study. Therefore, students should be analytical in order to come up with a good thesis statement because it plays a major role in essay writing.

→The Body

In most cases, a typical argumentative essay contains three or more paragraphs that explain why the writer supports the thesis. Every section should explain and elaborate on a different subtopic. Body paragraphs are meant to be detailed and in-depth. At this stage is where you back up your claims with research, citations, samples, and statistics. You can also take the opportunity to address contrary ideas and provide a piece of factual information and data to disapprove or share your thoughts on why you are against them. By doing so, you add credibility to your essay paper and show the readers the validity of your information.


A conclusion is usually the last viable part of an argumentative essay. It is usually one paragraph and is meant to echo the thesis statement then summarize the arguments discussed in the article’s body. One thing to avoid while writing the conclusion is introducing new statements, findings, or facts.  Instead of appealing to users’ emotions, it creates confusion when you introduce a new subject study. Therefore, stick to the points and tap into the emotional aspect of the topic. You can do this by highlighting how the study had an emotional impact on you.

How to write a Thesis statement

You should write a thesis statement that is at least one sentence long and at most two sentences. It is one of the critical aspects to consider while writing an essay because it should wrap up all the essential ideas and be as precise and concise as possible. The thesis statement should summarize what the argumentative essay is all about and be catchy. To help you develop a good thesis statement, here are three essential tips you can use regardless of your field of study. They apply in any subject and you can use them to formulate a unique and informative thesis statement.

→Make your Topic a Question, and then answer it.

A good trick of coming up with a good thesis statement is by converting your topic into a question and trying to answer it. What you come up with as the answer, is the best thesis statement. Alternatively, you can convert a few words in the introduction and make them questions then try to formulate answers. The answers you derive from the questions are what you will use to write your thesis statement.

For example, based on your introduction or the first few sentences, you manage to develop a question such as “Which is your favorite discipline of study” while answering, your definite answer can be “social science is my best discipline of study.” Therefore, a student can use such an answer and make it detailed to come up with a thesis statement based on how straightforward and concise it is. The method of turning your topic into a question is convenient because questions help in arousing interest and leave the reader with the urge to know more.

→State an argument and then refute it with a new perspective

If you want to develop a thesis statement based on this method, you have to come up with an idea that you agree with and make sure it relates to your topic. Once you state the idea, come up with a refuting statement that provides a new perspective about the issue or your topic. The method is quite useful because it develops an idea then immediately contradicts it, thus showing your credibility and how resourcefulness of your study is.

→Briefly outline the main points in the Argumentative Essay.

Finally, the last way to develop an effective thesis statement is by outlining the already given or stated point and then going further explaining how you intend to back it up. It is a suitable method because it provides the readers a general scope of ideas you will discuss. For example:

  • Main point: You can earn money online
  • Thesis statement: You can earn money online due to technology development that has created online jobs.

Types of Argument Claims

When you are writing an argumentative essay, you need to figure out what you are arguing about then choose your side. Therefore, you need to consider the following;

  • Fact: it is based on whether the statement is true or false.
  • Definition: When using this approach, you have to develop the dictionary definition of the topic you are arguing about and your interpretation of the words used.
  • Value: The aspect goes down to showcasing the importance of what you are arguing.
  • Policy: The approach tries to bring in the sentimental aspect and argue that the readers should care about their actions after reading the essay.

Three types of Arguments and how to use them

In academic writing, there are three major types of arguments used in writing academic essay papers. To come up with a good essay paper, you can choose among the three and settle on what suits your style or combine both to develop a highly persuasive essay for the readers.

→Classical Arguments

When using this type of argument, you have to present your opinion and then do your best to convince the reader that agreeing with your stance is the right choice. It is the most common form of argument due to its simplicity. The argument clearly outlines all the facts for everyone to understand.

Rogerian Argument

The argument focuses on comparing the two sides. This can be your topic and previous research. Therefore, while using these criteria, you have to acknowledge the opposing view and the previous research. After that, you will have to explain why your stance is important to the readers and why you think it offers the best solution. The argument is suitable for polarizing topics because it acknowledges both sides and then develops a different view without taking sides.

Toulmin Argument

It is a complex argument, especially if you are new or using it for the first time. When using this method, you have to present your claim based on your decisions. Every decision you state must also be accompanied by the facts from your research to prove validity.

For students writing argumentative essays, you must consider the structure if you want to write a good essay paper.

How to start writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Writing

→Start With an Attractive Hook

Begin your essay with exciting statistics, a quote, or a thought-provoking question. Your first sentence should draw the reader and make them interested in your reading the whole article.

→Provide background and specific content

What is the situation? Which events lead up to your argument? Why should people care? Provide enough background details about the topic so that the readers understand your idea and relate to your study.

How to come up with Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

  1. Tell a true story.
  2. Identify an attitude that reflects a problem.
  3. Ask a thought-provoking question.
  4. Mention facts or alarming statistics (show a reputable source).
  5. Describe the problem.
  6. Compare and contrast.

The most convincing essays have logical reasoning and the ability to attract readers’ attention. It is an important aspect because it helps speak to the readers and gives them an understanding of your topic. Therefore, every student should take the time to formulate such an argumentative essay. However, if you struggle and have a hard time writing an excellent argumentative essay, you can hire a skilled writer from our company. We have a team of writers to help you develop a paper that suits your needs. ORDER NOW





















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