Excel capstone 2 summer revene



Project Description:

In this project, you will apply skills you practiced from the objectives in Excel Chapters 4 through 10. You will develop a workbook for Frank Osei, the Vice President of Finance, that includes financial information and analysis regarding summer product revenue.

Steps to Perform:






Open   the Excel file Student_Excel_Comp_Cap2_Summer_Revenue.xlsx   downloaded with this project.



On the Maine Store worksheet, in the range B9:B16,   use the Fill Series feature to enter interest rates beginning with 8.00%. Decrease the amounts by .50% ending with 4.50%. Format the rates as Percent   Style with two decimal places and apply bold and center. 



In cell   B8, enter a PMT function using the information in the range B2:B4 to   calculate a monthly payment. Be sure that the result displays as a positive   number.



In cells B8:H16, create a Data Table using the   information in cells B2:B4 where the row input cell is the Period and the   column input cell is the rate. Apply the format in B8 to the results in the   data table, and then AutoFit columns C:H. Format the payment option closest   to and less than $10,000 per month with the Note cell style. Change the   Orientation to Landscape.



On the   Quarterly Apparel Costs worksheet, apply the Currency [0] cell style to the   range B6:E6. Apply the Comma [0] cell style to the range B7:E17. To the range   B18:E18, apply the Currency [0] and Total cell styles. 



Name the ranges B6:E10 Swim_Costs; B11:E14 Shirt_Costs; B15:E16 Jacket_Costs; and B17:E17 Hats_Costs.



Insert   a new row 15. In cell A15, type Go Explore Shirts. In cell B15, type 9500. In cell C15, type 9695. In cell D15, type 8315. In cell E15, type 9275. Display the Name Manager, and then edit the Shirt_Costs name to include row 15.   Select Hats_Costs, and edit the   name to Headwear_Costs. (Mac users, click Define Name and make edits using the Define   Name dialog box.)



Click cell B19. On the Formulas tab, in the Formula   Auditing group, click Error Checking, and then select Update Formula to   Include Cells. Use the fill handle to copy the corrected formula from cell   B19 across through cell E19.


On the   Quarterly Apparel Costs worksheet, in cell B25, insert a SUM function to sum   the Swim_Costs named range, using the name in the formula. Create similar   formulas in the range B26:B28, being sure to use the range name in each   formula. In B29, calculate a total, and then apply the apply Currency [0] and   Total cell style. Apply the Currency [0] style to cell B25 and apply the   Comma [0] style to the range B26:B28. Save the workbook.



On the Quarterly Apparel Costs worksheet, record a   Macro using the name Sheet_Title and the Shortcut key CTRL+j. (Mac users, use   Option+Command+j). Store the Macro in the workbook, and as the Description, type Report   heading. Click   cell A1, type Front Range Action Sports and then press CTRL+ENTER.   Merge and center the text across the range A1:E1, and then apply the Title   cell style. In cell A2, type Apparel Costs, and then press CTRL+ENTER. Merge and Center the   text across the range A2:E2, and then apply the Heading 1 cell style. Click   cell A1, and then stop recording the macro. Delete the text in A1:A2, and   then test the macro.



Edit   the Sheet_Title macro to display   the Visual Basic Editor. Select and copy all of the code, close the Visual   Basic Editor window, and then paste the code in cell A32. Display the   worksheet in Page Break Preview. Move the page break to position it between   rows 30 and 31 so that the VBA code displays on Page 2. Return to Normal View   and save the file as a macro-free workbook.



On the Product Information worksheet, select the   range A4:C9, and then sort the data by Style Code in ascending order. Select   the range A5:C9 and then name the selection Lookup_Table.



On the   Phone Order worksheet, in cell A9, type C-SW and then press TAB. In cell B9, use a VLOOKUP   function to lookup the Item in cell A9 and insert the description from the   Product Information worksheet using the Lookup_Table range as the table array. The   description is in column 2 of the table array. Fill the formula down through B18. In cell   C9, type 12 and in cell D9, type Blue and then press TAB.



In cell E9, use the VLOOKUP function to insert the   unit price of the item in cell A9 using the Lookup_Table range as the table array. The   unit price is in column 3 of the table array. Fill the formula down through E18.



In cell   A10, type W-RR and in C10 type 12. In cell D10 type Yellow and then delete rows 11:18. Sum the Order Amount and apply the   Total cell style.



On the Summer Attendance worksheet, in the range   G4:G8, insert Line Sparklines to show the attendance trend for each event   over the five-year period. Show the High Point and Low Point.



Insert   a Line with Markers Chart using the ranges A3:F3 and A6:F6. Reposition the   chart so that its upper left corner is in A11 and the lower right corner is   in F25. Edit the Chart Title to Attendance at Event Live Arizona. Edit the Vertical (Value) Axis   to set the Minimum to 6000 and then format the chart using Style 4. 



On the Expense Report worksheet, in the range   H15:H21, create formulas to sum the data in each row, not including Date and   Description. In cell H22, enter a formula to sum the total expenses. Apply   Accounting Number Format to the ranges C15:H15 and C21:H21. Apply Comma Style   to the range C16:H20. In cell H22 apply Accounting Number Format and the   Total cell style. 



Select   the ranges D8:F12 and A15:G21 and format the cells so that when the sheet is   protected, the selected ranges are not locked. Protect the sheet and be sure   the top check box to protect the worksheet and the first two check boxes in   the list are selected. Enter the password go.



On the Summer Program Revenue sheet, in cell B4,   create a DAVERAGE function to calculate the average of the Amount field for the Lessons category.   The Criteria range has been set up for you in the range A3:A4. In cell C4,   create a DSUM to calculate the total of the Amount field for the Lessons category. Format the   range B4:C4 using Accounting Number Format.



In the   Summer Program Revenue sheet, click cell A9, and then insert the Recommended   PivotTable Sum of Amount by Location in a new worksheet. Rename the worksheet PivotTable   and Chart. Use   the Month field as the report filter. Use the Location field as the row   labels and the Item field as the column labels. Format the values in the   PivotTable using the Number category with zero decimal places and the 1000   separator.

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