A social activist has a subjective view of morality and this is

Exam: 250222RR – Introduction to Public Speaking

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Questions 1 to 25: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.

1. A social activist has a subjective view of morality and this is reflected in her riveting speech during a demonstration outside city hall. That is, she has an underlying belief that

A. circumstances play a role in behavior and the end may justify the means.

B. right and wrong exist apart from cultural values or beliefs.

C. ethical standards apply to all people in all situations at all times.

D. the actions of others make sense to them and should not be judged.

2. Katie wants to analyze her audience for an upcoming presentation to the local Sierra Club, so she plansto have members fill out an audience questionnaire. What is she doing to learn about her audience?

A. Observing

B. Interviewing audience members

C. Using inference and empathy

D. Collecting data systematically

3. A student decides to use InfoPlease to find statistics for her speech on world population growth. Whattype of resource material is this?

A. An almanac

B. An encyclopedia

C. A biographical directory

D. A news source

4. A woman interested in real estate is working on a speech describing “The Five Steps to Buying YourDream House.” She is planning a/an _______ speech.

A. special occasion

B. informative

C. persuasive

D. ceremonial

5. With today’s mediated communications, digital technologies, and social media capabilities, _______audiences are becoming significantly larger and more important.

A. immediate

B. hostile

C. remote

D. auditory

6. Effective speakers focus most on the

A. content of their speech.

B. audience.

C. language of their speech.

D. vocal presentation.

7. While the speaker is talking, an audience member gestures—smiling, nodding, and leaning forward—toshow that she is listening. These behaviors are called

A. tonal languages.

B. listener biases.

C. display rules.

D. backchannel cues.

8. Four listeners provided criticism after a speech in their statements below. Which one failed to stress thepositive?

A. “I would have liked it if you looked directly at me while you were speaking.”

B. “The speech just didn’t do anything for me.”

C. “The example about the stock market would have gained more attention in the introduction.”

D. “I felt you were more in control of the topic today than in your first speech.”

9. Keegan wants to display illustrations and photos during his informative speech on volcano formation.Which guideline should Keegan follow for using this presentation aid?

A. Look at each aid as he talks about it to emphasize its importance.

B. Pass around the aids during the main body of the speech.

C. Display the aids only after the conclusion of the speech.

D. Enlarge or project the aids in a size large enough for everyone to see.

10. If you plan to give a speech on the Battle of Bunker Hill from the perspective of one of the Americanor British soldiers who fought in the battle, what sort of listening are you asking your audience to use?

A. Assimilating

B. Empathetic

C. Categorical

D. Productive

11. Adopting the perspective of the audience in a speech generally serves to

A. define a difficult term or phrase.

B. shock the audience.

C. insult the audience.

D. create empathy.

12. In which stage of the listening process do the circumstances of hearing begin and end?

A. Evaluating

B. Remembering

C. Receiving

D. Understanding

13. Our memory for speech is

A. passive.

B. reproductive.

C. evaluative.

D. reconstructive.

14. The message of any public speech passes from speaker to listener through a

A. context.

B. microphone.

C. recorder.

D. channel.

15. Which of the following terms denotes figures that haven’t been modified by any mathematicaloperations?

A. Means

B. Statistics

C. Percentages

D. Raw numbers

16. When using a pie graph as a presentation aid, don’t use more than ____ segments.

A. 50

B. 15

C. 5

D. 25

17. Which statement is most accurate concerning messages in public speaking?

A. They’re essentially composed at the moment of utterance.

B. They include verbal signals but not nonverbal signals.

C. Their messages have nothing in common with conversational messages.

D. Their organization helps listeners remember what was said.

18. Topics one should avoid broaching in certain areas are considered

A. vague.

B. limited.

C. taboo.

D. rare.

19. In her first speech, a student uses the words of a hip-hop artist plus two sentences of background infofound in a Rolling Stone piece, but fails to cite the musician or the article. This is an example of

A. copyright infringement.

B. direct plagiarism.

C. fair use.

D. misattribution plagiarism.

20. Nonverbal behaviors on the part of public speakers are considered to be

A. globally standardized.

B. messages.

C. criticism.

D. liberal art.

21. Marian gave a speech in which she explained how she keeps cut flowers fresh for long periods. Thetechnique she used was, in fact, developed by someone else, but Marian neglected to mention that. Ofwhat unethical practice is Marian guilty?

A. Plagiarism

B. Confrontation reaction

C. Desensitization

D. Negative self-talk

22. Which statement is generally true in the world of public speaking?

A. Giving more speeches won’t necessarily improve your public speaking skills.

B. Good public speakers are born, not made.

C. Speakers can say absolutely anything because they’re protected by the First Amendment.

D. Very few speeches can be relevant and interesting to all people at all times.

23. When listening for total meaning, one of the specific things a listener needs to do is to

A. consider the friend-or-foe factor.

B. rely on assimilation.

C. focus on both verbal and nonverbal messages.

D. recall exactly what was said.

24. A motivational speaker will address a large group of women who appear to be very traditional in theirattitudes and beliefs, based on her audience analysis and her familiarity with the community. She would dowell to focus on _______ values in her speech.

A. aesthetic, social, and religious

B. political, economic, and cultural

C. theoretical, philosophical, and psychological

D. educational, occupational, and financial

25. An audience member now grasps the speaker’s thoughts, emotional tones, and meaning. In which stageof listening is this individual?

A. Evaluating

End of exam

B. Remembering

C. Responding

D. Understanding

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