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Q 060469RR  Business Organizations


1. Melanie and Clay are partners in a law firm that’s a general partnership. Melanie fails to respond to a lawsuit against a client in time, and the client is found liable on a $1 million verdict. The client files a lawsuit suit against Melanie and Clay. Which of the following statements about this set of facts is true?

A. Only Melanie can be held liable because Clay wasn’t involved with the case.

B. Only Melanie can be held liable because she committed the wrong.

C. Only the partnership can be held liable; Melanie and Clay aren’t personally liable.

D. Either Melanie or Clay may be held jointly and severally liable.

2. Adam is president of Well, Inc. The board of directors instructs Bob not to borrow any money on behalf of the corporation. Bob does so anyway, and the corporation lacks income and assets to pay the debt. Bob will be personally liable for the debt under the

A. fairness rule.

B. actual authority rule.

C. business judgment rule.

D. corporate opportunity doctrine.

3. Crawford, Inc., would like to own some land owned by Toxic Waste, Inc., to build a storage warehouse for inventory. However, Crawford doesn’t want to be responsible for the liabilities of Toxic Waste. The best method of accomplishing Crawford’s goals is

A. stock acquisition.

B. consolidation.

C. asset acquisition.

D. merger.

4. If a regulation affecting corporations is federal, the authority for that regulation likely derives from

A. police power.

B. executive orders.

C. the Commerce Clause.

D. the Supremacy Clause.

5. Under the Revised Uniform Partnership Act,

A. the partnership is an aggregate rather than an entity in its own right.

B. partners don’t have transferable economic interests.

C. partnership property is owned by the partnership.

D. partners are co-owners of partnership property.

6. Brenda is on the board of directors for Money Company. Brenda rarely attends board meetings and doesn’t pay attention when she does attend. Brenda usually votes like her friend Sadie, who is also on the board. Brenda voted for some proposals that harmed the company. Brenda likely violated

A. her duty of obedience.

B. the fairness rule.

C. the actual authority rule.

D. her duty of due diligence.

7. Ken is the president of a large energy company. Company executives approached Ken about purchasing some smaller companies to expand the business. Ken read the reports explaining the potential risk and return of the investment, and he decided the purchase appeared to be a good investment. Unfortunately, Ken was wrong, and the purchase caused the company to lose millions of dollars. Based on these facts, Ken

A. should benefit from the business judgment rule.             

B. violated his duty of loyalty to the corporation.

C. violated his duty of due diligence to the corporation.

D. should benefit from the fairness rule.

8. An advantage of an S corporation is that shareholders can avoid

A. estoppel.

B. double taxation.

C. bylaws.

D. insider trading.

9. Steve decides to incorporate his business, but he thinks it’s too expensive to hire an attorney to advise him of the requirements. Steve merely changes the name on the sign outside from Steve’s to Steve, Inc. One of Steve’s customers brings suit against Steve, Inc., based on an allegedly defective product sold through his business. Steve defends on the basis that Steve, Inc., doesn’t exist. Which of the following statements about this set of facts is true?

A. Steve is wrong; a de facto corporation exists.

B. Steve is wrong; a de jure corporation exists.

C. Steve is wrong; a corporation by estoppel exists.

D. Steve is correct; no corporation exists.

10. Jennie owns shares in Superstore, Inc. A vote about whether Superstore should expand its operations to China is coming up. Jennie thinks this is a good idea, but she doesn’t own enough shares to control the outcome of the vote. Jennie could increase the chance that the vote will go her way by

A. entering into a pooling agreement.

B. offering to give someone else a proxy.

C. filing a derivative suit.

D. making a shareholder proposal.

11. Sidney and Nikki are law partners in a general partnership. Nikki decides to take a position at another law firm. Nikki notifies Sidney that she’s leaving the partnership. This set of facts constitutes a dissociation and dissolution by

A. act of a partner.

B. consent.

C. operation of law.

D. judicial decree.

12. Sal is a shareholder in XYZ Corporation. XYZ Corporation made defective products, and many individuals have filed lawsuits due to the defects. As a shareholder, Sal may

A. be held personally liable only if the corporation was aware of the defects.

B. be held personally liable for the defects.

C. not be held personally liable for the defects.

D. be held personally liable only if the plaintiffs name Sal as a defendant.

13. Herbie owns a pizza parlor in New York. Herbie didn’t file any documents to create the business entity, he makes all the business decisions, and he retains all profit after overhead is paid. Herbie owns a

A. corporation

B. limited liability company.

C. partnership.

D. sole proprietorship.

14. Stuart and Cole enter a business venture in which they both agree to contribute funds, money, and time to a sporting goods store. Furthermore, the two agree to equally split all profits. Stuart and Cole have entered into a

A. limited liability company.

B. sole proprietorship.

C. partnership.

D. corporation.

15. Tom is president of Big Drug, Inc. Tom receives a phone call from a federal agency informing him that a new drug owned by Big Drug will be approved for sale to the public. Tom knows that this drug will be very popular and will cause a significant increase in the company’s profits. Tom quickly purchases as much Big Drug stock as he can afford. Then, when the federal agency formally announces approval of the drug, Big Drug stock triples in value, and Tom becomes rich. Tom has violated the

A. business judgment rule.

B. insider trading rule.

C. corporate opportunity doctrine.

D. fairness rule.

16. Robert owns shares in Products, Inc., and suspects that Zach, one of the directors of the company, has been stealing corporate assets. Robert complains to the corporation, but no action is taken. Robert should file a

A. direct suit against Products, Inc.

B. derivative suit against Zach on behalf of Products, Inc.

C. derivative suit against Products, Inc., on his own behalf.

D. direct suit against Zach.

17. Which of the following types of company offers protection for personal liability?

A. Sole proprietorship

B. Limited liability partnership

C. General partnership

D. Term partnership

18. The difference between a limited partnership and a registered limited liability partnership (RLLP) is that

A. all partners have limited liability in a limited partnership, but not in an RLLP.

B. a limited partnership can have secret partners, while an RLLP can’t.

C. all partners have limited liability in an RLLP, but not in a limited partnership.

D. an RLLP can have secret partners, while a limited partnership can’t.

19. Bob is the CEO of Realty, Inc., a company that purchases and develops property for shopping centers. Bob learns that certain real estate, which would be excellent for a shopping center, is about to go up for sale. Bob purchases the property himself without telling anyone at the corporation. Bob has violated the

A. corporate opportunity doctrine.

B. insider trading rule.

C. fairness rule.

D. business judgment rule.

20. Crawford, Inc., wants to acquire the assets of Toxic Waste, Inc., but Toxic Waste won’t sell. Toxic Waste is a publicly held company with widely dispersed share ownership. What technique can Crawford use to accomplish its goal?

A. Takeover bid

B. Merger

C. Consolidation

D. Asset acquisition



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