Genv 205 week 5 chapter 9 quiz

GENV 205 week 5 chapter 9 quiz

Week 5 Chapter 9 Quiz
1) Freshwater accounts for ____ percent of total water in the world.





2) The water table is

anywhere water is visible on the surface.

where streams and lakes intersect.

the uppermost level at which water fully saturates rock or soil.

synonymous with groundwater.

where water under pressure rises.
3) Places where water from aquifers naturally percolates up to the ground surface are known as



cones of depression.

water tables.

4) Saltwater intrusion into freshwater aquifers may be a problem in

coastal areas.

mountainous areas.

the midwestern United States.

forested areas.

areas with many freshwater lakes.
5) The purpose of aqueducts is

to protect river channels.

to store water.

to move water from one place to another.

to create wells.

obsolete because they were created by the Romans.
6) Half of the amount of desalinated water is produced in ____.

the Middle East.


South America.

Central America.

7) Of the world’s freshwater, roughly ____ percent is used for agriculture, ____ percent is used for industry, and ____ percent is for household use.

10; 20; 70

70; 20; 10

70; 10; 20

40; 20; 40

33; 33; 31
8) Overall, the greatest percentage of household water use in the United States is for

flushing toilets.

watering lawns.


outdoor vegetable gardens.

9) Nearly ____ percent of the world’s population lacks access to safe drinking water.





10) A method that has been implemented to reduce water use in dry climates such as Nevada is to

prohibit people from planting grass on their lawns.

pay people to plant native vegetation instead of grass on their lawns.

prohibit use of washing machines during the day, when energy use is at a peak.

prohibit garden stores from selling vegetation that doesn’t naturally grow in dry climates.

require watering lawns at night to reduce water loss from evaporation.
11) Tests on water can be used to indicate the likelihood of human wastewater contamination by testing for indicator species such as


fecal coliform bacteria.

Vibrio Cholerae bacteria.


Salmonella Typhi bacteria.
12) The most prevalent way to treat human waste in rural areas where a large amount of land is available is

septic systems.

sewage-treatment plants.

manure lagoons.

stormwater drainage systems.

collective ponds.
13) Primary treatment in a sewage treatment plant is designed to

remove pathogens from wastewater.

remove solids from wastewater.

create sludge for use as fertilizer.

move water from municipalities to the plant.

recycle water.
14) A low pH in water bodies can result from all of the following EXCEPT

passing water through limestone treatment facilities.

acid rain.

flooded, abandoned underground mines.

mountaintop mining.

acid snow.
15) Concerns over the wide use of synthetic pesticides include all of the following unintended effects EXCEPT

the pesticide may be lethal to non-target species as well as target species.

pesticide use leads to an altered species composition of the community.

the chemistry of the inert ingredients.

physiological side effects on pest and non-pest species.

acidification of nearby streams.
16) Methods used to remove spilled oil from the surface of the ocean include

I. containment booms and oil vacuums.
II. chemical dispersants.
III. large screens.

I only

II only

I and II only

I and III only

I, II, and III
17) The Clean Water Act

I. protects surface waters.
II. protects groundwater.
III. protects the diversity of aquatic species.

I only

II only

I and II only

I and III only

I, II, and III
18) The United States legislation that empowers the EPA to establish maximum contaminant levels in drinking water is the

Clean Water Act.

Superfund Act.

Clean Air Act.

MCL Act.

Safe Drinking Water Act.

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