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21) Which performance appraisal tools requires a supervisor to maintain a log of positive and negative examples of a subordinate’s work-related behavior?

22) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the critical incident method for performance appraisal?

23) Wilson Consulting is a management consulting firm with seventy employees. As associate vice president of marketing, Suzanne Boyle is responsible for conducting performance appraisals of the twelve employees under her direct supervision. Suzanne plans to use the critical incident method to evaluate the performance of her subordinates.

A) providing examples of excellent work performance

B) comparing and ranking employees within a group

C) connecting specific incidents with performance goals

D) reflecting performance throughout the appraisal period

E) compiling examples of ineffective work performance

Which of the following, if true, undermines the argument that the critical incident method is the most appropriate performance appraisal tool for Suzanne to use?

A) Employee performance standards are closely aligned with Wilson Consulting’s long-term strategic plans.

B) Other departments at Wilson Consulting have seen employee performance improve as a result of providing ongoing evaluations.

C) Suzanne will be conducting performance appraisals in conjunction with the HR manager to ensure EEO compliance.

D) Logrolling has been an issue in the past for performance appraisals, so Wilson Consulting will be allowing employees to rate themselves.

E) Due to economic difficulties, the firm will be laying off the two lowest performing employees in Suzanne’s department.

A) alternation ranking

B) paired comparison

C) forced distribution

D) critical incident

E) graphic rating

24) Which appraisal method combines the benefits of narrative critical incidents and quantified scales by assigning scale points with specific examples of good or poor performance?

A) behaviorally anchored rating scale

B) constant sums rating scale

C) graphic rating scale

D) alternation ranking

E) forced distribution

25) Which of the following best describes a behaviorally anchored rating scale?

A) chart of paired subordinates ranked in order of performance

B) combination of narrative critical incidents and quantified performance scales

C) diary of positive and negative examples of a subordinate’s work performance

D) predetermined percentages of subordinates in various performance categories

E) list of subordinates from highest to lowest based on specific performance traits

26) The first step in developing a behaviorally anchored rating scale is to ________.

A) develop performance dimensions

B) generate critical incidents

C) compare subordinates

D) reallocate incidents

E) scale incidents

27) Stacey is using a behaviorally anchored rating scale as a performance appraisal tool. She has already asked employees and supervisors to describe critical incidents of effective and ineffective job performance. What should Stacey do next?

A) create a final appraisal instrument

B) develop performance dimensions

C) rank employees from high to low

D) reallocate the incidents

E) rate the incidents

28) Wilson Consulting is a management consulting firm with seventy employees. As associate vice president of marketing, Suzanne Boyle is responsible for conducting performance appraisals of the twelve employees under her direct supervision. Suzanne plans to use the behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) to evaluate the performance of her subordinates.


Which of the following, if true, supports the argument that BARS is the most appropriate performance appraisal tool for Suzanne to use?

A) Suzanne wants to provide her subordinates with specific examples of their good and poor job performance during the appraisal interview.

B) Suzanne encourages her subordinates to review and make comments about their appraisal during a formal appeals process.

C) Wilson Consulting recently installed an electronic performance monitoring system to help supervisors conduct appraisals.

D) Wilson Consulting provides training to all supervisors regarding legally defensible performance appraisals.

E) Suzanne provides her subordinates with upward feedback as a way to illustrate the ratings she assigns to each employee.

29) What is the primary disadvantage of developing a behaviorally anchored rating scale?

A) costly

B) unreliable

C) time consuming

D) unclear performance standards

E) lack of feedback for subordinates

30) Which of the following terms refers to setting specific measurable goals with each employee and then periodically reviewing the progress made?

A) behaviorally anchored rating scale

B) management by objective

C) narrative form technique

D) forced distribution

E) critical incident

31) It is most important that supervisors who choose management by objectives as a performance appraisal tool use ________.

A) SMART goals

B) EPM systems

C) computerized notes

D) graphic rating scales

E) BARS-based techniques

32) All of the following are benefits of using computerized or Web-based performance appraisal systems EXCEPT ________.

A) merging examples with performance ratings

B) helping managers maintain computerized notes

C) allowing employees to perform self-evaluations

D) combining different performance appraisal tools

E) enabling managers to monitor employees’ computers

33) Which of the following enables supervisors to oversee the amount of computerized data an employee is processing each day?

A) computerized performance appraisal system

B) online management assessment center

C) digitized high-performance work center

D) electronic performance monitoring system

E) electronic performance support system

34) Nick supervises a team of data entry specialists. Lately, productivity has been down, and Nick believes his subordinates are not working as efficiently as possible. Which of the following tools would provide Nick with daily information about each employee’s rate, accuracy, and time spent entering data?

A) digital dashboard device

B) electronic performance monitoring system

C) Web-based management oversight device

D) electronic performance support system

E) computerized performance appraisal system

35) Graphic rating scales are subject to all of the following problems EXCEPT ________.

A) unclear standards

B) halo effects

C) complexity

D) leniency

E) bias

36) Which of the following terms refers to an appraisal that is too open to interpretation?

A) unclear standards

B) halo effects

C) leniency

D) strictness

E) biased

37) Which of the following is the best way for a supervisor to correct a performance appraisal problem caused by unclear standards?

A) focusing on performance instead of personality traits

B) using graphic rating scales to rank employees

C) avoiding the use of extremely low ratings

D) using descriptive phrases to illustrate traits

E) allowing employees to rate themselves first

38) Which of the following is a performance appraisal problem that occurs when a supervisor’s rating of a subordinate on one trait biases the rating of that person on other traits?

A) recency effect

B) halo effect

C) central tendency

D) stereotyping

E) discrimination

39) Jason is a conscientious employee, but he is viewed by most of his co-workers as unfriendly. Jason’s supervisor rates him low on the traits “gets along well with others” and “quality of work.” Which of the following problems has most likely affected Jason’s performance appraisal?

A) central tendency

B) leniency

C) stereotyping

D) halo effect

E) recency effect

40) A supervisor who frequently rates all employees as average on performance appraisals most likely has a problem known as ________.

A) halo effect

B) stereotyping

C) central tendency

D) strictness

E) leniency

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