Assessment 3: Healthy Ageing Assignment

This assignment is designed to demonstrate your ability to collect and process data, identify problems/issues for an older person and create a healthy ageing plan of care that supports the health and wellbeing of an older person.

Description of Assessment Item

There are 2 stages to this assignment:

•            Interviewing: Conducting an assessment of an older person who is over the age of 70 years (please talk to me if you only have access to a younger older person); and

•            Writing the Assignment: Discussion of findings from the assessments that relate to this older person.

Stage 1- The Interview

It is expected that you will interview an older person two times; each approximately 30 minutes. This will depend on your current relationship with this older person. I anticipate that during the initial interview you will explore the person’s life, their story about ageing and some initial data about their health. You will be provided with:

an Assessing the older person: Initial Assessment tool and

an Ageing Perceptions Questionnaire;

both will guide the collection of information about the person in relation to their health while ageing.

The first interview provides you with the opportunity to ‘get to know’ the older person by completing the Parts A and B of the Healthy Ageing Initial Assessment provided and the Ageing Perceptions Questionnaire. A subsequent interview allows you to complete any other assessments if your older person requires a more focused assessment. For example: a Falls Risk Assessment; a continence assessment or a cognitive assessment.

NB. Please do NOT select someone with a dementia diagnosis.

Assessments that can be used during the interview have been identified in the lectures 5-11 and in Tutorials 4, 5 and 6. The textbook “Miller’s Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults” is also helpful. Other useful sources of assessment tools include:


Hartford Institute (Try this Series):

Stage 2- Discussion about Healthy Ageing for this Older Person

There are 10 sections that must be addressed in this Assessment:

1.           A narrative summary (tell a story) of the person’s pertinent life history from their interview; their socio demographic information and other relevant information about the person’s that is important to understand their health. A summary of the older person’s health- includes diseases and medications- use appropriate medical language, lay person’s language is not acceptable. (Collected from PART A: Assessing the older person: Initial Assessment tool)

2.           A summary of findings from the Perceptions of Ageing Tool- the older person’s current perceptions, expectations of ageing which includes your insights about the person’s perceptions and the relevance to healthy ageing. References to be included.

3.           A summary of findings from the assessments including findings from the Part B: Assessing the older person: Initial Assessment and other focused assessments. NB you are not required to reference the assessment tools but you are required to refer to the assessments by their correct name.

4.           Evaluation of the person in relation to healthy ageing- must be referenced to literature about healthy ageing and older people.

5.           List of all the problems/issues present and future that you are concerned about in relation to this person’s health.

NB This discussion is about the issues and not interventions.

6.           From the discussion in section 5 select 2 problems/issues that will lead to an improvement in health of the older person.

7.           Presentation of goals for each problem- must be measureable, relate to this person and lead to an improvement in this person’s health.

8.           Description of two nursing actions for each problem/issue- must be evidenced based (references required)

9.           Rewards you for using quality references

10.        Rewards you for APA referencing.

NB: Please see marking criteria for specific details about marking these sections.

Additional Information about the Healthy Ageing

•            The written assignment only needs to be submitted to Turnitin.

•            Submission of the Assessing the older person: Initial Assessment tool and Perceptions of Ageing to the Blog is essential. Your work will not be marked until these documents are received.

•            Submission of the other completed focused assessments are not required.

•            Throughout this assignment you MUST use a pseudonym, and maintain the person’s confidentiality by not disclosing any identifying information in your assignment.

Below is a suggested table format to support you in your assignment (remember to remove some of the supporting text in the table to keep the word count down)

Criteria 1 A narrative summary:

Mrs. Kathleen Burston is an 89-year old lady living in a town house with her 92-year old husband Philip Burston and grand-daughter Sharon. Mrs. Burston used to work as a hairdresser for twenty years and retired ten years ago. She now enjoys gardening and knitting during her free time. Mrs. Burston had two children but they are both died a couple of years ago. The loss of her children led to feelings of loneliness and even at one point wanting to take her own life. She was diagnosed with depression. The support from her family and friends have made things easier since then. Her grandchildren have been making the effort to visit her a couple of times a year mainly for Christmas and her birthdays. Mrs. Burston used to be independent but due to a fall she sustained two year ago which led to left hip and femur fracture, she has been getting help from her husband and grand-daughter Sharon who is also their carer. She has been using a four-wheeled walker for ambulation since the fall.

At the time of interview Mrs. Burston was at the hospital for cardiac monitoring due to Heart Failure. Mrs. Burston has a health history of Chronic Kidney Disease and Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Her current health issues include left leg Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Hypertension, Gastro oesophagus reflux disease(GORD), Heart Failure, increasing shortness of breath and bilateral leg pitting oedema. Mrs. Burston does not have any hearing problems and has reading glasses. Mrs. Burston has no allergies and is on diabetic diet. Mrs. Burston weighs 65kg and is 155cm tall. Her Blood Pressure at the time of interview was 138/65mmHg, Hear rate of 65bpm, and Blood Glucose Level (BGL) of 8mmol/L. The following are the medications Mrs. Burston is taking:

List of medicationsUsed for
Bisoprolol 1.25mg 1x dailyModerate to severe heart failure
Rabeprazole 20mg 1x dailyFor relief of GORD
Enoxaparin SodiumTreat DVT
Metformin hydrochloride 500mgFor type 2 diabetes mellitus
Metoprolol 50mg dailyTo treat hypertension
Paracetamol 1000mg 2x dailyRelief Hip pain
Frusemide 2x dailyTo reduce fluid accumulation in the legs
Sertraline 100mgTo manage depression

Summary of the older person’s view of ageing and your insights (MUST REFERNCE): : (Collected from PART A: Assessing the older person: Initial Assessment tool)

Criteria 3 Summary of initial healthy ageing screening (first interview): the Part B: Assessing the older person: Initial Assessment



Healthy Ageing Assessment (required): Personal Wellbeing section Home Safety  And so on….  Has difficulty sleeping and chronic pain in knees. No issues found in the home.
Lawton (required) Score of 6/8.Describe what they don’t do independently.

Criteria 3 Summary of Best Practice assessment findings (second interview)

Criteria 4 Evaluation of the older person in relation to healthy ageing (is the person ageing healthily (What does literature say healthy ageing is? And in comparison is your person aging healthily) support with literature and provide a statement (‘yes’ or ‘no’ the person is/is not aging healthily):  (MUST REFERENCE)

Criteria 5 List all areas of concern/issues that you have identified for your older person

Criteria 6  2 person centred problems/issues are identifiedCriteria 7 an appropriate measurable goal is identified for each problem/issueCriteria 8 for each problem/issue two person centred Nursing actions that support healthy ageing and are referenced
Problems/issues no 1:Measurable goal no 1:Described intervention no 1:  Rationale  (referenced) :
Described intervention no 2:  Rationale  (referenced):
Problems/issues no 2:Measurable goal no 2:Described intervention no 1:  Rationale  (referenced):
Described intervention no 2:  Rationale  (referenced):
(NB Criteria 9 source of evidence and Criteria 10 Reference list using APA)   References  
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