Hsa 520 part 1 exam

 Part 1: Mastrian: Chapters 2, 5, 8, 11, 17, and 19 

Question 1   Data are dirty when there are errors such as:    Duplicate entries    Incomplete or outdated records    Both duplicate entries and incomplete or outdated records    None of these are correct. Question 2   Reliable information comes from:    Reliable or clean data    Authoritative sources    Credible sources    All of these are correct. Question 3   The awareness and understanding of a net of information and ways that information can be made useful to support a specific task or to arrive at a decision is called:    Acquisition    Dissemination    Knowledge    Information Question 4   Which statement best reflects the definition of information?    It can be used for a variety of purposes.    No errors exist in the data or information.    It is whole, complete, correct, and consistent data.    It is processed data that have meaning. Question 5   When processing data into information, it is important that the data:    Have integrity and quality    Reflect human inconsistencies    Contain raw facts    Contain duplicate facts Question 6   What do organizational BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies typically include?    The device must be issued by the organization.    The device is subject to routine audits.    Both the device must be issued by the organization and the device is subject to routine audits.    None of these are correct. Outside devices are forbidden according to HIPAA. Question 7   The intent of HIPAA was to:    Curtail healthcare fraud and abuse and enforce standards for health information    Guarantee the security and privacy of health information    Assure health insurance portability for employed persons    All of these are correct. Question 8   Which social conventions about right and wrong human conduct are so widely shared that they form a stable general agreement?    Ethics    Confidentiality    Values    Morals Question 9   New technologies in digital communications, electronic health records, and telehealth raise issues related to:    Comprehensiveness of care    The digital divide    Justice and fidelity    Privacy and confidentiality Question 10   Which principle of ethics has a nursing educator violated in failing to correctly teach his/her students how to calculate medication dosages?    Autonomy    Confidentiality    Justice    Nonmaleficence Question 11   In the design of human technology interface, what best describes the factor(s) to consider?    Task and cost    Medical opinion    Nursing opinion    User proficiency Question 12   The users see the effects of their actions on the technology when you bridge the:    Gulf of execution    Gulf of understanding    Gulf of evaluation    Gulf of assessment Question 13   Videoconferencing technology:    Is easy to use    Allows professionals to communicate more effectively and frequently with in-home patients    Must be used for telehealth    None of these are correct. Question 14   Task analysis examines:    The number of tasks involved    How the user approaches the task in order to accomplish it    What the needed output is    All of these are correct. Question 15   A cognitive walkthrough:    Observes the steps users take to use the interface to accomplish typical tasks    Detects problems early in the design process    Is the least expensive method    All of these are correct. Question 16   Online communication among healthcare teams is called:    Order entry management    Electronic communication and connectivity    Clinical decision making    Reporting and population health management Question 17   Patient data in an electronic health record (EHR) includes demographics, medical and nursing diagnoses, and:    Medication lists    Allergies    Test results    All of these are correct. Question 18   Positive impacts noted with using an informatics system to manage patients with chronic illness include:    Guidelines adherence    A decrease in emergency department visits    Improved provider documentation    All of these are correct. Question 19   The benefits of EHR use recognized in early studies include all of these, except:    Increased delivery of guidelines-based care    Enhanced capacity to perform surveillance and monitoring for disease conditions    Reduction in medication errors    Improved workflow Question 20   Organizations with the authority to accredit EHRs:    Test EHRs    Compare EHRs against NIST standards    Develop and test EHRs    Both test EHRs and compare EHRs against NIST standards Question 21   What is not a goal of evidence based practice?    Improve professional satisfaction    Decrease practice variability    Increase patient safety    Eliminate unnecessary cost Question 22   What is an important factor to assess when determining if it is possible to implement a study?    Contextual meaning    Number of people in the study    Available technology    Established guidelines Question 23   Context of care evidence may be gathered from:    Audit and performance data    The culture of the organization    Local or national policy    All of these are correct. Question 24   Sources of evidence for practice include:    Synthesis of knowledge from research    Retrospective or concurrent chart reviews    Clinical expertise    All of these are correct. Question 25   What indicates that a healthcare professional recognizes the value of providing evidence-based care?    Provides the same care as always    Includes research as part of current practice    Is offended when patient asks about a new treatment    Fails to effectively evaluate sources of information Question 26   Which statement best describes caring as defined by Watson’s Theory of Human Caring?    Caring is cognitive energy focused on changing data into knowledge in a patient encounter.    Caring is conscious awareness of one’s strengths and limitations in a patient encounter.    Caring is healing consciousness and intentionality to care and promote healing.    Caring is the focus of the energy on efficient completion of assessment and diagnosis in a patient encounter. Question 27   Patient-centered care means that practitioners should focus on:    The subjective experience of patients    Data gathered by technology    Objective signs and symptoms    Their interpretation of the patient’s experience Question 28   When professionals observes their work for a different perspective and generate insights about how healthcare services and processes could be improved, they are practicing:    Centering    Bracketing    Reflection    All of these are correct Question 29   Clearing the mind of preconceived notions and expectations based on a patient’s diagnosis is known as:    Centered caring    Bracketing    Active listening    Healing consciousness Question 30   Anne has a very busy personal life and is worried about her parents who live 100 miles away and are in failing health. She works as a physical therapist in a rehabilitation unit in a metropolitan hospital. She is the primary therapist for six patients today, one more than the ideal staffing pattern of five. Before entering the room of a particularly anxious patient, Anne takes a few moments to breathe deeply, clear her mind, and review the patient’s EHR on her tablet. She carries the tablet into the room and sets it aside. She moves toward the patient and smiles, making eye contact, and greeting the patient by name. She sits at the bedside and chats with the patient for a brief moment and then performs her assessment. Anne is practicing:    Transcendent presence    Physical presence    Carative presence    Cognitive presence

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