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MED 199: Medical Administrative Assisting


Module 7 Homework Assignment








Directions:Please answer the questions below.




Chapter 23:




1.   List three reasons why an individual might stop payment on a check.




2.   Explain the ABA number and what each part of the number means.




3.   Define EFTs.




4.   Define ACH.




For #5-6: Using your Study Guide, on pages 179-183, practice writing checks to pay the following bills.  The beginning balance in the checkbook is $4,562.79.  Use the checks numbered 5648 to 5651.  For this assignment, determine the balance after the check is written.  For this assignment, you will only need to answer the questions below.




5.   For practice, write check #5648 to the American Medical Association for $356 for new coding books.  What is the balance?




6.   For practice, write check #5649 to the Blackburn Utility Company for $46.90 to pay the water bill.  What is the balance?




For #7-8: Using your Study Guide, on pages 179-183, practice writing checks for the following refunds.  Use the ending balance from Part II, no. 5, to determine the final balance in the checking account.  Use the checks numbered 5652 to 5655.  For this assignment, you will only need to answer the questions below.




7.   Ms. Patty Bailey should receive a refund in the amount of $34.55 for an overpayment.  Use check #5652.




8.   Write a check for Julie Smithy for $224.12.  Her insurance company paid more than expected, so she is entitled to a refund.  Use check #5653.




For #9-10: Using your Study Guide, on pages 179-183, practice preparing bank deposits using the information below.  You may record your answers on the figure in Work Product 23-1.  For this assignment, you will only need to answer the questions below.




9.   Cash includes six (6) $20 bills; one (1) $100 bill; one (1) $50 bill; two (2) $10 bills; one (1) $5 bill; and one (1) $1 bill.  What is the total cash?




10.Check payments were #2387 for $67 from Sue Patrick and #460 for $50 from Ronald Rodriguez.  What is the total of personal checks?




For #11-13: Using your Study Guide, on pages 179-183, practice reconciling a bank statement using the facts and figures below.  You may use the worksheet on page 183 for your work.  For this assignment, you will only need to answer the questions below.




Note: The checkbook balance is $4,616.96.  The statement balance is $6,792.79 (this amount includes the deposit of $2,137.32; do not add that amount in again).




11.Three checks are outstanding: check #5648 for $356; check #5649 for $46.90; and check #5650 for $1,770.  What is the total for outstanding checks?




12  Does the checkbook reconcile with the statement?




13.What is the ending balance?




Chapter 24:




1.   Which four things should the financial records of any business show at all times?




2.   Differentiate between accounting and bookkeeping.




3.   List three of the 10 cardinal rules of bookkeeping.  Which do you think will give you the most trouble?  Which ones will be easiest for you?




4.   List two disadvantages of a single-entry system.




5.   What is Form 940 used for and when must it be filed?




6.   List seven expense categories often found in a physician’s office budget.




7.   Briefly explain the three types of bookkeeping systems.  Describe the single entry system, the double entry system, and the pegboard system (write it once system. Which of the three systems do you think would be the easiest to work with in the medical office?  Why?




Chapter 25:




1.   Why is it a good idea to have one person in charge of office operations?




2.   Why is customer service such an important aspect of today’s medical offices?




3.   Using the LIRN Library, find an article about how to motivate employees.  What is most effective?  What motivates you?  Please visit the Academic Resource Center guidelines on how to use the LIRN Library.




Chapter 26:




1.   List the three steps generally followed in preparing to implement or change medical marketing strategies.




2.   What is meant by “reaching the target market”?




3.   List several phrases that should never be used with patients, especially when attempting to provide exceptional customer service.




4.   Provide five examples of community involvement that may help a medical practice grow.  Research the internet and find a website for a medical office that is near you that shows good community involvement and provide the link.




5.   What is the difference between advertising and public relations?




6.   Research 3 websites for healthcare organizations, preferably in your geographic area.  Rate the websites from 1 to 10 (10 being the best) by placing your ranking in a blank to the left of the website name.  Provide comments about the most outstanding portions of the site.  Select 1 website that you thought might be somewhat unethical in how it approached the customer.  Select 1 website that you thought did a really good job of advertising in an ethical manner.




7.   Do you think that any advertising for medical services is ethical?  Why or why not?




8.   Why has advertising become necessary in today’s health industry?








Directions:Please provide detailed and elaborate responses to the following questions.  Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments, if possible.  Your answer to each question should be 1 to 2 paragraphs composed of 3 to 5 sentences.




1.      Belinda is a single mother with two children.  She recently was divorced from her husband and is in the process of rebuilding her life.  She enrolled in medical assisting school 8 months ago and is now preparing for graduation.  Throughout her time in classes she has researched medical facilities on the Internet and has found several that are close to her apartment complex.  Belinda has several goals in life, and the most important ones involve her family.  She wants to secure a job that will allow her to take care of her children, assure them a good education, and save for their college tuition.  She knows that she needs to find a job that offers health benefits.  Belinda is a loyal employee and has a good work history, so she is hopeful that her positions from graduation forward will be such that she is able to make steady progress toward reaching her goals.  What goals do you have for your life after graduation?  Assess your personal situation, and determine five long-term (life) goals, five short-term (one year or more away) goals, and 10 immediate goals for the next six months.  Write the goals down.  For the long- and short-term goals, include a few sentences that explain why the goal is important to you.




2.      Lorendia has worked for Dr. Johnson for more than 15 years, but recently she has been forced to cut her hours from 40 per week to 35 per week.  She was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and she struggles toward the end of the week because of the symptoms of the disease.  Lorendia has become more and more impatient with the people who come to the physician’s office, and it is common for her to make a snippy remark when she is behind in her duties.  Her attitude has alienated her from most of the employees.  Although her job performance is not acceptable now, for the majority of her career at the clinic her work has been above reproach.  How can this situation be resolved so that Lorendia can keep her job yet improve her performance?




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