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1.homework6.pdf is the problem, create VBA function in AND SAVE IT IN DEVELOPER TAB in xlsm format; if the question ask you to derive, then write it on paper 2and3.Assignment#5 are the example of last assignment 4. 05reduced.pdf are the lecture slide 5. This is the Textbook just incase As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my personality features are vital in determining the associations I have with clients at work and my interpersonal relationships. Personality features refers to the various traits which determine an individual’s feelings regarding a particular subject, an individual’s behavior, and his/her patterns of thought. Some of the positive traits I possess include self-sufficiency and empathy. On the other hand, some of my negative personality traits include impatience and insecurity regarding my abilities. The personality traits I possess have a significant impact on my work. Empathy Psychotherapy is one of the primary roles as a Marriage and Family Therapist. It involves talking with the patient to help them effectively understand their feelings, behaviors, and moods. Empathy is one of the positive personality features I possess.The feature could greatly impact my work because it is essential in ensuring that I make my patients feel greatly understood. Empathy will aid my ability to comprehend what the clients are saying during psychotherapy. It will also ensure that I comprehend the unsaid issues and allow me to communicate that I have this understanding effectively. The feature will therefore aid me in my endeavor to help my clients effectively face past experiences. Through this, they will effectively obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the meaning of the experience. Empathy will also allow me to sense my clients’ feelings and emotions because of my ability to listen and concentrate. As a practitioner who empathizes with my clients, I will have higher satisfaction with my work. Such will result in a decrease in the burnout levels I would experience from psychotherapy compared to my colleagues who do not empathize. Self-sufficiency Self-sufficiency is my second positive personality trait that affects my work performance. The self-sufficiency trait allows me to feel secure and content with myself. It provides me with a sense of stability and wholesomeness. Such a trait would affect my work performance as a therapist. The feature would increase my efficiency as a therapist because it ensures that I help myself first before helping clients. Having strong self-sufficiency has ensured that I am not affected by the opinions provided by other individuals regarding my services and professionalism. I am not affected by any slight because of my strong sense of worth. Therefore, actions such as praise do not affect me, resulting in elevated feelings of self-importance. It would ensure that my mental health is good, and therefore, I can competently provide care to my clients. Impatience However, I am also impatient. Such a trait would negatively impact my work during psychotherapy. Because of my impatience, I tend to interrupt the sessions with my clients continually. The trait would also affect my performance because it will decrease my attention to what the client is saying. Therefore, I will not efficiently comprehend the extent of the problems facing my clients. Impatience also results in selective listening of the patient. Some of these consequences associated with impatience would gravely affect the desirable outcomes associated with psychotherapy. Such is the case because I will not take time to listen to the patient actively. Such will result in a decrease in identifying some of the cues presented by the client. Therefore, there is a reduction in the quality of care. Some of the actions likely to increase my impatience are situations when the client comes late for an appointment. My impatience also results from the increase in the need for accountability. I can decrease my impatience by engaging in the following activities. First, determine the various triggers for my impatience. Identifying the various patterns predisposing me to impatience is another activity I can engage in. Insecurity about my Abilities Increased insecurity regarding my ability to be an effective therapist is the second personality feature that would affect my work. As a therapist, it is vital that I have faith and belief in myself regarding my level of competence. Such is the case because the achievement of success in a therapy session depends on the therapist’s character. The worry regarding my abilities arises despite my experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I continuously challenge my abilities internally—self-doubts about my ability results in the decrease of the effectiveness of therapy given to the client. The acquisition of more in-depth knowledge, more skills, and more years of experience are some of the activities that, if accumulated, will decrease my feelings of inadequacy and thereby raise my self-esteem. Conclusion To increase my effectiveness as a therapist, I must take active measures to prevent negative personality features from affecting my performance. It is critical that I find strategies to help cultivate patience in my psychotherapy engagements. One way of performing this, is frequently carrying out self-examination to determine the various ways which, when implemented, increase patience. I can eliminate the feelings of incompetence by regularly reviewing new studies and materials regarding therapy. Such will be essential to increase my knowledge and expertise and therefore increase my belief in my abilities. Both the positive and negative personality traits deter

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