Please see atached bellow

1. Please tell me a little about your educational background and any training,
certification, or license you’ve received.
– Prior to establishing my own family daycare/center, I’ve worked at daycare centers/preschools
and was also a nanny for families while attending college.
-Certification/License: Early Childhood Education/Child Development degree and have 13 years’
experience working with children from infancy to 12 years old. Licensed by the State of
California, I am CPR and First Aid certified, Safety Inspection clearance, TB test clearance, &
Adult Background Check clearances, EMSA certified.
2. Where is your organization located and how many people are in your organization?
– My daycare center is located in West San Jose, right off interstate 880 & 280 which is great for
easy drop-off and pick-up!
– Also, right behind Santana Row and walking distance to Valley Fair Mall, in a great safe
– I have 6 employees that are both full-time and part-time.
3.What is the goal for your org?
– The goal for my organization is to make sure we provide high-quality child care that’s
accessible to all children. Kids and families we work with are our first and main priority.
However, my goal in my organization is also to make sure to be there for my employers in every
way. Professionally and emotionally. I try to be very supportive of them and treat them as
4. How do you communicate with employees/parent’s with one another in the org?
– One of the communications in my organization is by providing handbooks. I have designed a
parent handbook and staff handbook. They both contain different rules and regulations that need
to be followed; such as the center’s mission statement, philosophy of the operation, copies of all
relevant policies, days and times of operation, how to address illness or absence and all needed
contact information. One of the main and very important rules when it comes to staff handbooks
includes the appropriate way to handle and discipline any behavioral problems that might happen
within the organization.
– While parents handbook includes: information about the enrollment, fees, and tuition, parent’s
responsibility, things/toys that are/not allowed to bring in the center and late fees.
– Another way of communication is electronic communication. I keep a current list of home and
email addresses of all my stuff and their phone numbers.
– We also have a daily meeting as a common way to ensure regular communication within the
5. What kind of responsibilities does each employee have? What is your role?
-Most of my employees have a similar if not the same role. Daily interaction with kids such as;
monitoring their hygiene, monitoring their behavior and emotional concerns, interacting with
them, reading to them, teaching them, feeding them, supervising their safety while in daycare,
– I only have one employee with a different role. Her responsibility is to prepare meals for kids.
That is a huge responsibility because kids have certain allergies and if not done right it can be
fatal. I am very thankful for her hard work and commitment.
– My role is to do everything my employees do. I am full time in the center helping out with
everything. Also, I communicate and interact with parents by providing daily reports of how
their children are doing in daycare.
6.What are common conflicts that your organization has between employees?
● Is there drama? Is there conflict regularly?
● Have there been any circumstances where a conflict was resolved but recurred?
– Every organization and their employers will have some agreements and disagreements. I have
had 2 (large problems) so far within my organization:
1. I have had this parent where she tried to accuse one of my employees about how she was
neglecting/abusing her child. I stood by my employee 100 percent and I knew that nothing
happened because as I mentioned before I am full time in the center monitoring everything.
CCLD(child care licensing department) came numerous times to the facility to investigate. In the
end, they dropped the case due to lack of evidence and they prosecuted the parent for making a
false accusation towards my business. I didn’t want to press charges against her because at the
end of the day I believe in karma and I am sure it will get it back to her.
2. I hired this young lady that was in college and was desperately in need of a job and money.
She didn’t have prior experience but she was clear with all my requirements, so I decided to hire
her. Oh boy, what a mistake! (laugh). She was very arrogant to all my other employees. Very
defensive with others. The type such as, quote: “I know it all”. There was some kind of regular
conflict/drama with her and my other workers on a daily basis. The problems with her kept
recurring until I decided to let her go. I just couldn’t allow that kind of behavior, especially
around the kids. Sometimes she would act very rudely and obnoxious towards her coworkers and
around the kids. Also, twice I caught her texting on the main floor around the kids which is
strongly prohibited. Not acceptable!
7.Are there any external/environmental events or factors that are currently posing a challenge to
your organization?
● i.e., health, safety, etc. Coronavirus?
● If so, how is your organization responding?
Yes, as we all know what’s going on in the world right now, it’s quite challenging. When COVID
first started my center did remain open for essential workers. Licensing child care department
has indicated that daycare centers are allowed to remain open, which we have been. We have had
some of the kids, not all, in daycare on and off so far. I think most parents are planning on
keeping the kids at home until the shelter in place is not enforced any longer or until things settle
-As of right now, I am keeping all my employers. I have applied for PPP (paycheck protection
program) and EIDL (economic injury disaster loan) on, but still haven’t heard back from
them. I guess they ran out of money (laugh). We reopened our facility back on June and the
childcare facility has implement new rules regarding COVID and how we can protect the little
ones: (see bellow new rules and regulations)
Practice Healthy Hygiene
-Explain to children why it’s not healthy to share drinks or food, particularly when sick.
-Practice frequent hand washing by teaching a popular child-friendly song or counting to 20
(hand washing will last 20 seconds).
-Children will be taught to use a tissue to wipe their nose and to cough inside their elbow.
-Model and practice hand washing before and after eating, after coughing or sneezing, after
playing outside, and after using the restroom.
During Drop Off and Pick Up
All visits should be as brief as possible. Strict policy- no conversations at the door! Daily
feedback if necessary, will be provided via text message.
Please wash your own hands and assist in washing the hands of your children before drop off,
prior to coming for pick up, and when they get home.
At all times be aware of 6ft social distancing. My recommendation: when there is a parent by the
door picking up their child, please wait in the car until the children are inside the vehicle so kids
don’t start interacting with each other, which would force parents interaction, hence, 6ft required
rule will be jeopardized.
Every parent is required to wear a mask while picking up and dropping off their children.
Space cots 6 feet apart from each other. We will arrange the head of each bed alternately, in
opposite directions, to lessen the possible spread of illness between children from coughing or
Meal Times
Practice proper hand washing before and after eating.
Immediately clean and disinfect trays and tables after meals.
We will sanitize the sink and toilet handles before and after each child’s use.
Teach children to use a tissue when using the handle to flush the toilet.
Wash hands for 20 seconds and use paper towels to dry hands thoroughly.
Personal Items
All personal items should be labeled and kept in a separate bag to ensure personal items are
separate from others. During this time, personal toys should be kept at home until further notice.
8. Are there any positions within your organization that are difficult to identify talent for?
● If so, why? (is it usually a personality mismatch, mismatch of skill set, or other?)
There is one and only rule: You have to love kids and have lots of patience. Also, I do look for
educational background, experience and most important 100% clean criminal background.
9. Do your employees have a sense of pride for their role?
● Do they enjoy working under you? Are they happy?
● What kind of employee engagement events/perks are there?
● Ex. Company dinners? Catering on Fridays? Complementary events?
Team bonding experiences?
-As I mentioned I treat my employees as my family. They are nice to me and I am nice to them
as well. It really goes both ways. We have a lot of fun while working with kids. However, I do
once a month, every Friday’s a BBQ after hours with my employees and their families. We
definitely bond as a team while doing that.
10. What is the most satisfying part of your job and the most challenging aspect?
– The most satisfying part of my job is to see the happiness of young children and the satisfaction
of their parents when they see their children well taken care of in my center. It melts my heart
and it makes me very happy.
– Becoming a teacher is not easy. It really is a long road of an educational path but I wouldn’t do
anything different.

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